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The Pink BBQ on Shanghai Pride's opening day

Shanghai Pride

This week I was in Shanghai for a trade show. In order to get an airfare my employer was willing to pay for, I was obliged to stay through the weekend after. Looking around for things to do, Time Out Shanghai pointed me at the Shanghai Pride website.

So lunch today was at the Pink BBQ, one of the opening events of the sixth year of Shanghai Pride:

The Pink BBQ on Shanghai Pride's opening day

The Pink BBQ on Shanghai Pride’s opening day

I’ve managed to miss a couple of London Pride events, and this was a great reminder of the amazing buzz at events like these. I was pleased I had the chance to be part of this one!

Shanghai Time Lapse

I was in Shanghai las week, for my first time in China. I was mesmerised by it at times, and this time lapse video has appeared in my newsfeed in a timely fashion.

Worth noting that I never saw it that clear – there was alway a (fairly unpleasant) smog in the air.

A new role at Canonical

After leaving ARM just before the bank holiday, I started a new role at Canonical on 28th May:

New business card

One change is that these were delivered to my home – I don’t have a desk in an office. I’m looking forward to learning lots of new things, and meeting new people!

Goodbye ARM, and thank you!

A short post to mark my leaving ARM, after just over three years, and to thank my ex colleagues for my leaving card and gift. I started in April 2010, after concluding Transmission Begins was not going to go where I wanted.

I’ve met lots of really interesting people, and learned a lot.

My last day was Friday, and I attach the suitably modified card I received:

A leaving card with the customised logo: Mali 3D Giants

Mali, 3D Giants!

Thank you all!