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Shanghai Time Lapse

I was in Shanghai las week, for my first time in China. I was mesmerised by it at times, and this time lapse video has appeared in my newsfeed in a timely fashion.

Worth noting that I never saw it that clear – there was alway a (fairly unpleasant) smog in the air.

Goodbye ARM, and thank you!

A short post to mark my leaving ARM, after just over three years, and to thank my ex colleagues for my leaving card and gift. I started in April 2010, after concluding Transmission Begins was not going to go where I wanted.

I’ve met lots of really interesting people, and learned a lot.

My last day was Friday, and I attach the suitably modified card I received:

A leaving card with the customised logo: Mali 3D Giants

Mali, 3D Giants!

Thank you all!