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StationeryPad.sis (21K)

Version 1.1, for EPOC devices.

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StationeryPad adds templates to the Series 5, by adding a 'Stationery Bar' containing template files for use with any application. Keep letter templates, fax cover sheets and other frequently used documents in one handy place, ready for use as new files.

StationeryPad Screenshot

This picture shows it ready to select one of the stationery pads. When you have named the new file it will be auto launched (unless the application was written in OPL). Auto launching works for all the built in applications.

You can also read Steve Litchfield's 3-Lib review (of version 1.0)

5 Cow Award StationeryPad rated 5 cows at EPOCSoftware!

What's new in Version 1.1?

Basically I have updated the help and so on to point to my new web site, and fixed a couple of minor bugs (including cosmetic errors on the Geofox). I have also repackaged it in a .sis file like the Message Suite to make installation easier.

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