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Version 1.0, for EPOC Devices

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Yahoo! Directions is a small HTML file that lets you request Yahoo! driving directions without first connecting to the 'net. I find that (with images off) I can now get most directions from Yahoo in under a minute of connect time - ideal for GSM phones.

Currently Yahoo! only provide directions within the US.

Yahoo! driving directions on a Revo

All the install contains is a single .html file - 'Yahoo Directions.html', that it copies to \Documents. If you want to move it - feel free! To start using it, just open it in web (File|Open file..., if you are already in web) and then treat it like any other web page.

All I've actually done is provide a simplified version of the HTML file you would get if you saved the source of the actual Yahoo! directions page. This means it loads quickly in your palmtop's browser, and can be loaded (and the addresses entered) before you go online. When you push 'Get Directions', your palmtop will automatically connect, and when the page is complete you can then disconnect. This is how (for example) Palm VII PQAs work, except on your EPOC palmtop you don't need specialist software - standard HTML and your web browser are just fine. In fact, I encourage you to edit this file to customise it - the copy on my Revo has my home address filled in, so I have even less to type!

email me if you have any questions or problems.

I should probably make it clear that I have nothing to do with Yahoo!, other than as a satisfied customer.

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