by John McAleely

For Filmmakers

As part of my time in Transmission Begins, I wrote MyOwnTVChannel, a php based bittorrent server. It's optimised for content you actually own, so it doesn't try to hide under the usual discretion often associated with bittorrent.

For Psion PDAs

In the 1990's, I was a keen developer of software packages for my Psion PDA. These days, that effort tends to become the software behind this website. If you're looking to obtain the Psion software I wrote, I still make it available.

Symbian (who I worked for at the time) published one of my spare-time activities: SmallServ, a simple HTTP server for Symbian OS.

For Windows Developers

DXMFilter Icon DXMFilter, a Visual C++ compatible wizard for creating DirectShow (DirectX Media) filters.

I am interested in feedback of all kinds. Please email with your questions, comments and bug reports.

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