2001: Year in Pictures

California, January

January, almost right after New Year, found me attending a wedding in San Diego. I couldn't resist a side trip to the famous zoo Polar Bear. There was quite a crowd of Brits in the party - the groom was from the UK - and all of us seemed to plan a drive to San Francisco, up the coast, afterward. Most people were planning to spend two or three weeks doing it, but I did it in 4 days! Through the first proper storm of the season... As you can see, Highway 1 was not busy Empty parking lot. Even Hearst Castle closed the first day I tried to visit - something that only happens every few years. I did make it the second time I tried, though: Neptune pool at Hearst Castle. As ever on my travels I stopped at the local air museums. This Spitfire Spitfire was at Palm Springs.

Lasham, Easter

One of my promises to myself when I returned to London was to take up gliding again. I spent what was intended to be the first of many days at Lasham over the Easter Bank Holiday Aerotow from Lasham, getting three flights under my belt New entries in my logbook. It was the also the last day I spent at Lasham in 2001. Grrr!

Finland, April

April found me in a small town in Finland, delivering presentations for my job. It wasn't all work though - as this trip to the local gallery proves Finnish painting.

Seattle, July

Seattle is one of my favourite cities. I've spent a lot of time there professionally, and never really had a vacation there. So this was my chance to spend a week visiting the town as a tourist. I found the original Starbucks The original starbucks, and admired the space needle The space needle at night (and its view!). The highlight was probably Me and my bike hiring a bike for the day, and then catching a ferry The bainbridge ferry to Bainbridge Island. The route I followed was called the 'chilly hilly', after a spring time club ride that follows it. The summer doesn't remove the hills though, as the supplies My cycling kit I got through testify!

Of course, I visited the air museum: Air Force One

Vancouver, July

Immediately after Seattle, I had to be in Vancouver for my job, coinciding with Canada Day Firework.

Did you think I'd skip the local museum?Air museum

Austin, November

Last on the itinerary for 2001, another business trip, this time to Austin, Texas. The capitol building is impressive Texas Star, and the local coffee shops friendly Little City Coffee. The Alamo was a fun day trip awayThe Alamo, listening to a CD of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy in the original radio version :o)

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