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Version 1.1, for EPOC devices.

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JTelnet is a telnet client for EPOC. Telnet is one of the basic means of using computers remotely, so JTelnet means you can control your local mainframe or Unix system from your Series 5 :-)

JTelnet requires the Message Suite or equivalent to be installed on your Palmtop. Psion Series 5 users can download it from www.psion.com. All other EPOC palmtops such as the Psion Series 5mx, the Ericsson MC218 or the Psion Revo have this built in.

JTelnet screenshot (Connection details)

JTelnet is very basic - it supports simple TTY connections only. Over time it may evolve into a richer client, or it may not. I have very little need of anything except TTY connections. Feedback (especially bug reports) should be directed at freeware@mcaleely.com. I cannot promise to respond individually, sorry.

What's new in Version 1.1

Known Bugs

Source Code

If you are a programmer, you might be interested in the source code to JTelnet, which I am making available for download. I have not looked at this source code for several years, so I really am in no position to assist anyone with it. I am placing the source code into the public domain, so you may do with it what you like. If you elect to create and distribute your own telnet program, please give it a new name and new UIDs.

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