Using zip Files

Much of the software available on this web site is packaged in a zip file. This is a convenient way to gather all the files you need in to one simple download. zip files are compressed to save download time.

How do I use zip files?

zip files are a standard method of compressing files that can later be decompressed on almost any computer. So to use them you need to find a program for your computer that can do this decompression. Here are some suggestions:

Windows PCs WinZip
EPOC Palmtops RMRZip
Psion PDAs (Series 3, Siena) PsiZip
Macintosh PCs Stuffit Expander

If the computer you use is not listed you should find a suitable program. Sorry, but I cannot help you to look!

All software zip files on this site contain a file 'readme.txt' that you should read, and it will contain further instructions to complete the installation of the software. If you are installing software for an EPOC palmtop there will be .sis files to install. I have prepared a separate instructions page for these.

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