Settings for EPOC Devices

To get Pipex set up with an EPOC device (I have tried a Revo and a netBook - others will be similar), two things need setting up - talking to the Nokia 7110, and using the Pipex GSM node on Vodafone. Please note that I am not an expert on this kind of thing - so you use these settings at your own risk. The things we need to do are:


1. Modem

First set up a new Modem. You should use this modem only when dialing a Pipex GSM node. Create another modem entry with the same settings, except leave the Data init. string blank, if you want to use your Nokia 7110 for regular data access.


Name: Nokia 7110 (Pipex GSM)
Note: Can be anything you like
Speed: 19200 baud
Connect via: Infrared
Fax class: Auto

Options (As default)

Loudspeaker in use: Until call answered
Volume: Medium
Pause time for ";": 4 seconds


Init (reset) string: AT&F&K4
Note: This resets the Nokia 7110 for each connection
Data init . string: AT+CBST=71,0,1
Note: This tells the Nokia 7110 to use UDI (V.110) protocols to talk to the Pipex modem. Older phones might use ATS35=0 or AT+MS=11 instead.
Fax init. string: Leave blank


Flow control: Hardware (RTS/CTS)
Terminal Detect (DSR/DTR): Ticked
Carrier detect (DCD): Ticked
Modem Type: Mobile

2. Internet Service

After creating a new service using 'Standard Settings', there are three sections to change to customise it for Pipex Dial:


Use "smart" dialing: Leave blank
Standard dial-up number: 976976


Manual login: Leave blank
Username: solxyz98
Note: xyz98 should be replaced with your Pipex login id (as used for email). For regular dial-up to 0845 0795068 you should use UK/solxyz98.


The changes in this section are optional, but I have found that they improve reliability
Get DNS address from server: Leave blank
Primary DNS address:
Secondary DNS address:

Other options on these and other tabs should be left at their defaults.

Start: Wireless Internet in the UK

See also: Wireless Internet in California; TheDialer (Free software)

This page © John McAleely, July 2001